Snow Cone Machine

SnoCone Machine

We have a very nice snow cone machine available for rent. It’s available for $50.

  • Snow Cone cups/straws are sold in Multiple varieties.
  • 6-Ounce Snow Cone Cups and Spoon Straws 25-Pack     $6.50/each pack
  • Snow Cone Cups – 6 oz – Sleeve of 200     $10.00
  • Sno-Cone Spoon Straws, Multicolor, 200-Count     $7.50


  • Snow Cone syrup  (16oz.)     $6.50  Flavors below
  • Cherry – Pina Colada – Strawberry – Blue Raspberry – Root beer
  • Grape – Lemon-Lime – Banana – Tigers Blood – Watermelon


  • Snow Cone Syrup available by the Gallon $12.99 Flavors Below
  • Blue Raspberry = Banana – Lime – Black Cherry – Orange – Bubble Gum – Passion Mango – Cherry – Peach – Cotton Candy – Pina Colada – Fruit Punch – Pineapple – Grape – Root Beer – Lemonade – Sour Green Apple – Strawberry – Strawberry Kiwi – Tiger Blood – Vanilla –Watermelon
  • If sold by the gallon, you will also have to purchase the 1oz pumps at $6.50 each for each gallon.

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