Waycross Bounce House Rentals

HBR Inflatables has the CLEANEST and best variety of inflatables for rent in South Georgia. We have a wide variety of water slide rentals, dry slide rentals as well as bounce house rentals, obstacle courses, Inflatable Games and the Trackless Train.

About Us

We offer some of the best water slides, dry slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses, trackless trains, party supplies, party rentals, and much more. Our equipment is available for rent either by the day or by the weekend.

Safe & Clean

After each rental our inflatables are brought home, blown up, and thoroughly cleaned so that we can always insure clean, grime free rentals to our customers. We don’t tolerate dirty inflatables, and neither should you.

Our inflatables are also inspected constantly to ensure a SAFE and FUN weekend with ZERO downtime!

Insured by the CIA

We are a fully licensed and insured rental business and if you need a “Certificate of Insurance” Then feel free to ask and we will provide.

Vendor of Choice

HBR Inflatables is the vendor of choice for Southeast GA when it comes to entertainment for large festivals, parties, parades, and other events. Unlike other vendors we have a wide variety of inflatables, obstacle courses, water slides, dry slides, etc. that we can provide.

Waycross Party Rentals

HBR Inflatables has everything you need to make your next party a success. We have cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, popcorn machines, as well as tables and chairs. Our party rental equipment is always CLEAN and in perfect working order. We also have a Dunk Tank, The Meltdown and The Mechanical Bull – Best Mechanical rides around! Check it out!

Festivals & Entertainment

We are the Best Festival Entertainment Around

Frequently Asked Questions

When you rent from us you are participating in the shared economy! Most certainly our goal is to reduce the amount of items that end up ultimately in landfills.

We charge $1.75 per mile- that includes delivery and pickup. For longer distances, a higher rate may apply. The best way to know what it will cost is to call us on our toll free number 888-254-4810.

You must coordinate the date with us by calling us at out toll free number 1-888-254-4810 or by filling out the contact us form.

Once you have filled out the online quotes or spoken to us and we have sent you a quote, then it is recommended that you sign it thru email. If you don’t sign it thru email then HBR will print it, and the responsible party will be required to sign it when the inflatable is delivered. If the contract is emailed to you, you have the option to sign it electronically. And it is a much easier process.

Bounce House $125
Combos $225
27ft Water Slides $425 - $450
18-19ft Water Slides $285
Prices listed above do not include delivery fee. For complete price list, click here.